About the Band

Streets of Rome formed in early 2013 in Sonoma County, in California’s wine country. The band was co-founded by songwriters Edward Patrick Mooney and Ana Luisa Anzore to write and record original musical narratives affirming life, faith and the dignity of the the human spirit. Mooney and Anzore write songs by and for “people that have lived a little” — drawing on real-life experiences to create unique and personal songs.

Streets of Rome released its debut 4-song CD/EP “Fifty Years Before The Mast” in July 2013 and since then has released 11 additional songs available on iTunes, CDBaby and digital streaming media such as Spotify, Rdio and iHeart Radio.

All band members are experienced in music ministry and youth ministry and Streets of Rome enjoys performing for charitable, community, and faith-based events in full-band format or in “unplugged” settings.